Picturesque Hartville is one of the oldest incorporated towns in Wyoming established in 1884. It is located in Eureka Canyon - a small community six miles north of Guernsey on highway 270. It is accessible by paved road from the North end of Guernsey State Park and the lake area, just two and a half miles away.

Hartville was first settled in the 1870s by prospectors mining for gold, silver, copper, onyx and iron. At the turn of the Century it was a thriving city. Several of the stone buildings and those constructed with false fronts still stand today. The stone-built town jail held many a "character" in days of yore and is one place you don't want to miss. Today, Hartville is populated by retired miners and a few young families.

The original cemetery, Boot Hill, is crowded with the bodies of men who died wearing their cowboy boots. Gunfights really did take place on Main Street.