The Town of Guernsey is named for New Yorker C.A. Guernsey, who in 1880 moved west and purchased land in what was then Laramie County. Prior to Guernsey’s arrival, the area where modern day Guernsey is located, was known as the “emigrant’s wash tub”. This is where all the pioneers came to bathe and do their wash. C.A. Guernsey was a legislator, rancher, mining promoter, and author of the book, “Wyoming Cowboy Days”. Mr. Guernsey was also instrumental in building the Guernsey Dam.

Guernsey lies directly on the old Oregon Trail. Ruts were formed in the limestone by thousands of wagon trains that passed through the area on their way to Oregon. These magnificent ruts are evident on the southern side of the Town. Continuing south about 2 miles is Register Cliff. The cliffs served as a landmark and as a signature rock for the pioneers as they passed on the Oregon Trail.

The Town of Guernsey was incorporated in 1902 when the Chicago, Burlington, and Quincy Railroad reached the area. At the time of its incorporation, Guernsey was well known as the “Hub of the Oregon Trail”. At a special election in 1911 to decide where the county seat would be located for Platte County, Guernsey lost to its only competitor, Wheatland.